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2PCS Kitchen Cooking Spoon

2PCS Kitchen Cooking Spoon

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High quality materials:This multifunctional cooking spoon made of thermoplastic with high temperature resistance and the heat-resistant can be up to -20°C/-4°F ~210°C/410°F, the cooking spoon is lighter and will not transfer heat like metal scoops. The material was also treated to be non-stick, with the right-sized mesh, you can use it to scoop out your food easily and there is no need to worry about the residues. The plastic structure is so strong that it can be used for mashing and grinding.

Multi usage:There are two different specifications of the mesh holes onthe multifunctional kitchen cooking spoon and the head of the multifunctional spoon is bent, so that this kitchen utensil can be used for cooking, draining, mashing, and grating garlic. It can be used for mashing potatoes or beans. It also functions as an eggbeater.Make sure you will use it in different occasions to save your cooking time.

Humanized designs: Sturdy but light-weight, high quality plastic frame, never worry about breaking when using. Non-slip handleand the design of structure allows you to hold the food easily.

Food quality:This Multifunctional Kitchen Cooking Spoon is food-grade quality, tasteless, non-toxic, and hygienic.

Easy to clean and stock:Because of the non-stick design,hand washing is easy.By the way, there are hanging holes at the end of handle for easy storage.

Product Specification
Materials Premium PP
Size 7.5cm x 23cm
Color Red/Black

Package Included
2 x Multifunctional Kitchen Cooking Spoon

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