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Silicone cake mold

Silicone cake mold

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1.Material: Silicone
2.Size:7 * 4.5cm
4.Tempeture: -30 - +200 Degrees Celsius
5.Long-lasting durability,Easy to use and clean for decorating sweety cooking
6.Packaging: Packed safely in bubble OPP bag
Packing include:  1pcs Silicone Cake Mold

烤盘模具蛋糕盘硅胶蛋糕模布丁三角蛋糕模松饼烘焙工具软糖蛋糕模8 烤盘模具蛋糕盘硅胶蛋糕模布丁三角蛋糕模松饼烘焙工具软糖蛋糕模7 烤盘模具蛋糕盘硅胶蛋糕模布丁三角蛋糕模松饼烘焙工具软糖蛋糕模5 烤盘模具蛋糕盘硅胶蛋糕模布丁三角蛋糕模松饼烘焙工具方旦糖蛋糕模6 烤盘模具蛋糕盘硅胶蛋糕模布丁三角蛋糕模松饼烘焙工具软糖蛋糕模1 烤盘模具蛋糕盘硅胶蛋糕模布丁三角蛋糕模松饼烘焙工具软糖蛋糕模2

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